Saturday, August 31, 2013


Life: to be still within itself is not to grow, for understanding it is to move within it and grow.
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online marketing

You need to ask yourself theses 2 questions. Are you serious about making money online? Are you an action taker? If you are then you will make as an internet marketer. It takes for someone who have the Drive and Push to make themselves do what they no is needed to make it all happen. People will try and discourage you if you let them. only you no whats best for you and what you are doing. I understand that in this business it just dont happen overnight but it takes time you have to be patient and you will get results. The only way you wont get results is if you dont make things happen. You have to be getting your business out there for people to see. Online, Word of mouth whatever is the best way your getting results. You can put out flyers and business cards inside of stores, on the neighbors doors, Cars in shopping centers just make sure that you have someway for them to contact you on the forms or even have your website already on it so they can just go and get what they need from there. Alot of tims people want to talk to you personally so you can also put a number on there so that they can reach you if they have further questions for you. You have to remember that you have to sell yourself so that they will want to get started with you. the more you no about the business the more you can answer all the questions that the person have for you.Read and understand what it is that you are doing so it wont sound bad when you are trying to explain to a prospect or buyer for that matter. It never hurts to tell them more then you think they need to no then they will feel like he or she nos her stuff. And there goes your sign ups cause you gave them a little incentive that they probably havent heard from anyone else who have been trying to sell them something. Have faith in yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The journey have just begun

Thursday, August 29, 2013

How strong is your Faith

Having a strong faith should be an important element in your life. Faith is the one thing that can get you through just about any situation no matter how tough it may seem or feel. By having a strong faith, you will feel more confident and at ease because you will know who to turn to - God. Faith effects all aspects of your life and will make you a better person overall. Here are ways to make your faith stronger. Receive the word of God. Faith comes by hearing and then applying the word of God.
Repentance can help you turn around your life and rebuild your relationship with Christ. Do not think of yourself more highly than you should. Let faith arise in you.You love God whom you have not seen - so you should have no problem loving your brother. God reveals himself to you through his people, his love, his son, his word and by the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of Christ.

Ones Self

To want, and to be ambitious, and to want to be successful is not enough; that's just desire.
To know WHAT you want, to understand WHY you're doing it, to dedicate every breath in your body to ACHIEVE -- if you feel you have something to give, if you feel that your particular talent is worth developing, is worth caring for -- then there's nothing you CAN'T achieve

networking with Instant Reward


Well as you do know,life is about living,adversities and some set-backs are a part of this process so the way that we deal with the challenging times which are put before us is truly what makes us strong. In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. Some people are just looking for hope, and they are looking for something that works, and tired of the "sell, sell, sell stuff" that we all have to deal with. Believe in yourself and everything else will follow! Lately, I've been meeting people who have been looking for a little inspiration in their lives. They seem to be looking for something specific but are not sure where to find it.You have to believe...people don't always understand how real this concept is, but it's just that simple. You have to develop a picture in your mind and keep it there, believe it will happen, and watch your reality change.You have brains in your head, You have feet in your shoes, You can steer yourself in
any direction you choose.

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Monday, August 26, 2013


Blog daily to get followers. When anyone view my blog please leave a comment on the post and follow my blog daily updates on having your own business

Having faith

The best thing when you start a business is having faith and keeping it. It will get frustrating cause making money doesn't happen quick it takes time and work. Just stay focused on what ever it is you are doing and don't get discouraged. There are a lot of resources out there to help you. Some people get mad when they are not making money when they no they should be and they quit. Try not to get overwhelmed just take a step back and give yourself a break for a while then get back at it when you exhale. Patience is another key factor in starting and keeping a business going. Research is another you have to understand what you are doing and why. Social media sites have a lot of different groups that you can join to help you. You get to talk to a lot of different people and get there insights on what you can do different if you need to do anything different. It's just good to talk to people who are already out there trying to run a business to. It's very helpful. You can also promote your business in the groups depending on which groups it is. Stay strong and your business will be successful.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Today was a beautiful day to work on my own consistency. Being consistant when you are trying to get a business up and running is the best way to get people to want to look at what you are doing. If people see that you are not continuing to show what it takes to get a business up and running they are not going to want to do the same or even continue to listen to you. Everyone is on the internet on a daily basis trying to figure a way to make extra money. It takes alot to run businesses but you have people that are still doing it. You can to just keep the mindset that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Dont be willing to give up so easy. It takes time to actually be successful in this business. Sometimes people will discourage you and it will seem like you are not going to make any money. You have to drive yourself to that point where you are at your wits end and thats when everything is going to take a turn for you. You have to promote promote promote in order for people to see whatever type of business it is you are running. There are so many ways that you can promote. Flyers, classified ads, internet marketing, and the number 1 is word of mouth the more you talk to people about it the more people will be talking about it. Tell your family members to tell there friends and so on. The more marketing that you do the more you get people talking and wanting to no whats its all about. You cant let a couple of people that says no discourage you just keep on going someone will say yes. Today was a great day for me I have been on the internet just marketing my 2 businesses and I have had leads for both and that what makes you feel good cause you can say I did the work and I see results. Thats all it takes is like I said being consistant in what you do it will pay off in the end for you.

Friday, August 23, 2013


It's Friday and a beautiful day outside. Doing a lot of blogging and posting to different sites for my business. Blogging is the best way to get a lot of your feelings and passions out to the world. Your passion might be someone else's also. People need help in a whole lot of things and to get readers to your site you need to write about things people want to hear. You might think that people's not listening but if its something they are going through then they are. You have to blog daily and show people that you are consistent in what you are doing. There are a lot of social media sites that you can post your blog address. You have to post post post to drive people to it. If you don't have readers then you don't have or get business. It's about exposure. The only way people are going to no is you exposing your blog everywhere you can think of. They even have some groups just for putting your business out there. So there's no reason why your business can't succeed. Everyone have a prosperous and blessed day.

Pay pal

I advise everyone who is starting there own business whatever kind to get a paypal account and a PayPal debit MasterCard whatever money you that goes to your account goes to your card immediately. If you do direct deposit to your bank account it takes up to 3 days to get your money and we all no when you make money you want it as soon as you make it. Do the wise thing and get the card.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Online Marketing

Want to earn an unlimited $ 20 dollars into your paypal account all you need to start is $ 1 dollar yeah you heard me correctly unlimited 20 dollars instant message me on facebook, twitter for more info. Sherminita Hawkins

Starting a Blog for Business

Did you know that half of the world uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and other social media sites? Whatever biz that you are in or plan on starting, you must get a BLOG to help drive your traffic to your website. If there's no Traffic....then there is no Business.


People are always going to make excuses to why they dont have, why they cant do it, why they dont need, why it is people dont care for them, why there life is not going to way it should. We as people have to sit back and think about the POWER of OUR WHY? I dont understand why everyone just dont do what they say they are going to do. If that was to happen then everyones life would be in a better place. We have to stop making excuses and just do it thats the only way its going to get done. Life is not like a box of chocolates as people say life is what we make it. If you are the type to make excuses for everything thats needed to be done in your life then you are going to be stuck in the same place all the time. You have to take chances to get results and thats where alot of people fall off they always say thats not going to work. You dont no unless you try. Im trying to stop making excuses myself so I have been going out on a limb and if it dont work it dont work but at least I no I Tried. You cant always let fear stop you. Everyone deserves to prosper in life but thats only if you want to you cant expect hand outs all the time. You have to show people that you are trying to. My main goal in life now is to make money so I can have more time to spend with my kids. Thats the only way cause working a 9 to 5 Its just not enough time in the day for them and they deserve more than that. Family time is the best time for kids to learn and grow at the same time. I hope this helps someone cause just me reading it back to myself it helped me as well. Have a prosperous and blessed day everyone.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Understanding Things

Never underestimate the power of GOD. He dont give us what we want he gives us what we need.Just trust in him and you will see. Prayer works out. I no!!!!!! He will never put more on you than you can bear.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Branding your business

In need of a banner for your social media site or a website designed check out my website here are a few sample banners that I created for people. My new business and I also do internet marketing. Need to make extra money on the side google me Sherminita Hawkins for MCA motor club of America. It like AAA but better.

Monday, August 12, 2013


People are always going to have something to say when it doesn't concern them. I refuse to let anyone steal my joy. I have to much going on in my life for that. In life we all have trials and tribulations that we have to face but I leave mine up to GOD because he is the only one that can fix any of it. I try not to judge anyone unless they give me a reason to. Everyone has there own opinion of what there life is suppose to be like but only that person can make it happen. I have learned that judging other people doesn't make you a better person it just makes you look real stupid when you are wrong about that person. My grandmother always told me to treat people the way you want to be treated but everyone don't think like that. In this society it seems like its everyone for themselves and that's sad. We are suppose to be helping and lifting each other up. Now a days to some people lifting people up is basically putting them down. I don't have to prove myself to anyone but GOD and some people don't understand that. If you allow certain people that really don't matter to break your spirit then that's up to you cause I am not allowing anyone in my personal space that don't want to be in it. So take my advice if someone is not there for you to encourage what you are doing or trying to help you get where you want to be then its time for you to let them go and surround yourself with people that do. that's what we all need more encouragement and not put downs. I have had a lot of people in my life that was good for me and a lot that was bad. I have recently let go of the bad and my life has been better off without them. I have moved forward in my life to no that some people don't want to see you happy. Recently a lot of people have come into my life an they have been a great inspiration to me. Motivating me to do whats best for me and not whats best for everyone else. A true blessing in disguise. The Lord works in mysterious ways and he have shown me a lot. Like I said in my blog early this morning Follow GODS lead. Its the only way to go if you want to make it in life. Everyone have a blessed night.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Follow GODS lead

I was just talking to my cousin about this tonight and someone sent me this picture. I hear you lord  as I close my eyes to worship you. Prayer the magic in it. Ask and you shall recieve.