Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brand Consistency

Nothing is worse than building a house and letting it

deteriorate due to neglect!

A house can be a wonderful place. A place where you can

raise a family, and grow old in. Or, a house can be a death trap

with a moldy and rotten foundation.

The idea with Brand Consistency is to provide housekeeping

services to your different social accounts and to your company’s


All you have to do is be active in participating in the

conversation, and to make sure that the links you provide are


You wouldn’t want to create a Youtube video, and forget to

link it back to your website... Would you? I mean, what if that

video went viral and got over 100,000 views...? That would be a

wasted video!

Sure they got to know the brand a little, but you never

linked that video to your to your website. It would be a lost


Brand consistency makes sure that this does not happen,

and that you stay active in engaging your customer base.