Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why Network Marketers Should Be Blogging

If you’re already blogging….Right on!
If not, listen up.
You really need to give blogging some consideration in building your business because blogging is not a “trend.”
It is a real and viable form of communication.
I believe that one of the most wonderful things about blogging is that anyone, whether they have received a formal education or not, has the same opportunity to be heard (and sometimes recognized) with this platform.
Whether you have a business or not it can be a great creative outlet to share and communicate your thoughts, opinions, and knowledge on your particular niche with others and gives you a global reach you might not otherwise have.
Your ability to reach large masses of people grows exponentially with a blog and it gives potential customers an opportunity to get to know you.
One of the first things we learn is that people need to know, like, and trust you before they do business with you.
Blogging gives you the ability to show your prospects and future business partners who you are and what you are offering.
In return, blogging gives you the opportunity to grow through the content you deliver and the feedback you receive.
Visit any website nowadays and it most likely has a blog. Why? Because we live in an ever-evolving news culture. People are hungry for information and the internet offers us the opportunity to not just seek it but to provide it.
As a network marketer/entrepreneur it really is to your benefit to own and maintain a blog.
The simplest explanation that I can give you is that blogging is like putting electronic flyers all over the internet.
blog1Think about that.
Seriously…think about it.
No more walking parking lots putting flyers on people’s cars, only to have them yanked off by annoyed car owners and thrown in the garbage. You won’t have the expense of wasted paper, ink, and energy. This is of great benefit to me. I have found that walking parking lots and neighborhoods has to be one of the most boring, tedious, and ineffective parts of offline marketing. And if you have a physical limitation, blogging makes things a lot easier for you.
Blogging gives you the opportunity to go outside of your community to market and “fish in a bigger pond” of prospects thereby increasing your customer base.
You’ll also be able to build your credibility and be seen as a leader in your industry and your company.
All of these things result in more income.
But there’s more…there are other benefits to blogging.
If you monetize your blog with ads, you then have other streams of income that you can profit from.
Most professional bloggers (and if you are a business owner with a blog and you earn money from it whether it’s a dollar or a thousand dollars, you’re a professional), have more than one blog so they increase their opportunities for income to an even greater amount.
You can have your “official” blog and then have niche blogs.
Here’s a little known secret…Most professional bloggers have about 10 blogs.
Making money on the internet is real and if you learn how to blog, you can make a ton of money. I am currently building a slew of blogs.
Okay, so you’re probably like Sweet Brown and thinking:
Ain’t nobody got time for that.
But you do and I’ll show you how.
I blog on my “main” blog daily and my niche blogs just a few times a week so it saves me a lot of time.
I’ve made the transition from offline to online and LOVE IT.
No more parties, no more walking parking lots in the heat or cold winters, no more missed or cancelled appointments filling my calendar.
My time is truly my own.
So how do you choose which blogging platform to use?
If you’re new to internet marketing, I don’t suggest you go out there and strike out on your own to build a blog. That can be very tedious, labor-intensive, and difficult. If you wanted someone to custom build one for you, you would have to pay a good deal of money and then pay to have your blog hosted by a hosting company like
There are lots of free blogs out there like,, and, however there is danger in using a free blogging platform because most times they do not allow you to advertise or monetize your blog to make a profit. They have the power to shut you down and you could lose all of your content. That would be very bad.
Just imagine all your hard work just gone.
Not good.
Most internet marketers who have been in the industry for awhile own their blogs and we have paid for our blogs and paid for hosting so we can advertise whatever we like, however we like.
blog1However, there is a blogging platform that has taken all of the difficult tasks of setting up a blog, hosting the blog, and managing the blog from you.
It will free you up to do what it is you need to be doing: Marketing and making money. This blogging platform will teach you how to blog, how to market, and how to make money.